Sunday, May 11, 2014

Controversy and Industry Liabilities

 According to an article from Popular and Music Society, there have been so many legal arguments about file sharing and music being improperly distributed online that it has changed the way music labels operate.  For years the record labels dictated how music would be distributed, and which stations the music would be played; while maintaining a complete monopoly on how the system worked.  In today’s online frenzy of how much music a person can hear in multiple mediums, the music business is not containable to what the music labels release to the radio.  There has been a lot of controversy about the issue of piracy and the overpopulated music sphere online, but music is still being made and the public likes whom they like.  Independent artist have a chance to become their own bosses and make their own rules concerning their music, which makes labels work much harder for their artist to gain the recognition they deserve with the dollars that are allotted for a particular artist.

This video is about a woman’s song that was nominated for an Oscar and then it was retracted from nomination.  Huckabee is faith-based movie and the song “Alone Yet Not Alone,” gained recognition for not winning the Oscar’s but for having their nomination pulled from Oscar’s.  The lady that sang the song is a disabled woman that does not have a career as an recording artist, but was asked to sing the song for the movie Huckabee.  Although this movie and song was no longer nominated, the controversy around the film made it a buzz in Hollywood.  Now this video that is attached asks people to get involved if they would like the Oscar’s to reconsider this song for nomination, which was quite interesting.  There was no proof that the song was pulled because of its religious theme, but it definitely raised some eyebrows.

This article spoke about an Intellectual Property Dispute concerning Google and another company by the name of “Rescuecom.”  Google was accused of selling Rescuecom’s trademark to its competitors.  The article does not tell every detail of the lawsuit, but it is clearly an issue between the two companies.  Rescuecom was upset that its competitors would be able to ride their coattail and come up in a search when people search Rescuecom’s name.  This article brings up a controversial issue concerning a trademarked company.  This is not the only case that Google has had to deal with concerning this matter, but with all of the names and trademarks that come through Google I am sure it is hard to catch everything that slips through the cracks, but they will have to be more careful in the future.  It’s quite a sticky situation, which brings legal issues and unnecessary controversy to a company.

By Monique Lynelle Gray

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