Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tyler Perry - June's Highlight

Tyler Perry, the real life rags to riches story.  Mr. Perry is a household name now, whether people love him or hate him; they can’t help but to notice his work or someone who works for him.  I chose to write about Mr. Perry because he started from the bottom, wrote a play, had faith and look at him now.  From plays, to television sit-coms, to movies, to dramas, Mr. Perry is truly a success story.  I have always appreciated the use of music within Mr. Perry’s plays.  It seems as though Tyler Perry is more musical than he let’s on.  If I were to interview him, I would definitely ask, what part has music played in your projects and how has music influenced you?  Some of the topics of Tyler Perry’s shows, movies and plays have had controversy, but people are still talking, so he is definitely still relevant.  Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry proved that dedication and perseverance, the outcome could spell success.  Although it took six years for Mr. Perry to get a break for his first play; now he calls the shots and has his own studio and employees of his own.  The one thing that I noticed about Tyler Perry is that as he grew his business, he also reached up for a mentor.  Mr. Perry did not come out of his mom’s womb knowing Oprah Winfrey, but he chose to make her one of his mentors before he became the mogul he is today.  Mr. Perry took advice from Oprah and became a better person because of it.  There are people that come in to others lives and sometimes to be where you want to be, you have to seek out certain people to become a part of your own life.  My point of saying this about Mr. Perry is that he did not choose to hang with underachievers to become successful, he chose to write stories about life and lived through his hard times to be able to help others fulfill their dreams.  Although some people do not agree with how certain people are portrayed or with how a story line went from a movie, play or sit-com, there is a lesson to be learned here; hard work can pay off.  If someone has a problem with a script but they do not write scripts, they are not being part of the solution. 

In business Tyler Perry should be respected for his accomplishments and the doors he has opened for so many people.  I am encouraged to continue on the path that will lead me to share my own stories and bring them to life.  Everyone has different things they have experienced in life or heard about and when the write elements are formulated, beautiful works of art can be portrayed for others to share and be a part of.  Mr. Perry’s accomplishments are numerous, from book of the year, to award winning movies.  Although everyone will not be the next Tyler Perry, he made it because he believed that he should try and then he succeeded over time.  Mr. Perry showed me that trying is worth a try; I just might succeed.  FandangoTPFilmography