Sunday, February 9, 2014

Interview with Darnell Richardson

Interview with Darnell Richardson
By Monique Lynelle Gray

1    If you had to choose 5 words to describe yourself, what would they be?
Young, Talented/Creative, Inspirational, Role Model, and Entrepreneur

2    How has music influenced your life and your career? 
      Darnell uses music as an inspiration to create while in his “creative zone” even though Darnell doesn’t sing or play an instrument; he enjoys music and uses it in his projects.

3    What project are you working on now?
Currently Darnell is hosting a television show called “I AM A Philly Artist TV” Where Darnell Richardson is the Creator, Executive Producer and Host; the show airs on Comcast cable in Philadelphia PA.  The station is called Philly Cam. Darnell is also a Playwright and has a performing arts school.

4    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Darnell can definitely see himself touring with the shows and the plays he has written and produced.  He can see himself being involved with the performing arts school in Philadelphia, PA expanding to different cities across the country and world possibly.

5    How will you incorporate music into your future plans?
Music is an outlet for Darnell and he intends to utilize music to keep the creative vibes flowing in the Arts.

6    How will your education help you in your plans? And which college do you attend or will you attend?  
Darnell currently attends Full Sail University as an Entertainment Business student for his Bachelor’s in Science.  Darnell is scheduled to graduate in March 2015 and plans to attend Full Sail University for his master’s in Public Relations.  He plans on using his education to expand his entrepreneurial endeavors in the future and now. 

We both attend Full Sail University right now, so GO FULL SAIL!  We are the future and the now in the entertainment business.  A special acknowledgment to the class of Sept/Oct 2014 M.S. Entertainment Business from Full Sail University! We Rock!

7    Since this interview is for a blog, is there anything you would like the public to know about you? Or your projects?
The plays Darnell writes are based on social issues that affect the community and they often offer solutions for the issues people face and how they could better manage their problems.  The shows have messages and Darnell calls it “edutainment.”

How long have you been writing plays?
Darnell was a young child when he started writing.  He was still in elementary school, but he would write plays and him and his little sister would act out the shows for his grandmother. 

As we spoke, he said he was at his grandmother’s house and that was a great reminder of how far he came from that little boy he was to the man he became.  Darnell is doing some good things for the community in Philadelphia, PA, also where I grew up.  Now he is making some of his dreams come true, so I wanted to show him some support and give him some recognition. Much Respect.