Monday, April 7, 2014

Tamar and Vince - The Artist and Management Team

Tamar and Vince
The dynamic duo has quite a big audience with their reality show, but they have to juggle being in an artist/manager relationship along with being a married couple.  It is interesting to watch the couple on television and know that they are really married and now that Vincent Herbert is Tamar’s manager brings something different to the table.  As an artist, one has to be able to trust their manager with a lot of valuable, important information, which seems like it would be easy to do as a married couple, but I can imagine that it has it’s challenges.  Tamar and Vince Show
Watching Tamar Braxton’s career blossom and their relationship unfold before our eyes with their reality show, it shows the behind the scenes activities or interaction with each other concerning business and personal matters.  They seem to really love each other and it’s great that they are making it happen together.  I appreciate the fact that they love each other, and they do not always agree on everything, but they decide to work it out.  There are not many couples or artist/managers that would allow people to see them in a counseling session, but it was necessary for their relationship.  Some people have negative thoughts about counseling, but sometimes counseling is needed to help work through issues, especially if both parties really care for one another.
Lot’s of manager’s are only behind the scenes, but Vince was able to make a smooth transition and stay true to himself as a husbandger. (as Tamar stated in the interview below)  This team has a bright future ahead of them, if they can stay focused and positive while enjoying the ride.  It was great that Tamar was able to see her husband work for other artist years before he became her manager, because as an artist she wanted the best things for her career and she trusted him with her career not just because he was her husband, but because his work spoke for itself; and so far it looks like it has been a wonderful experience.  Artist/Management Info