Sunday, July 13, 2014

Celebrity Hair Stylist – Kim Kimble

This month I have the pleasure of writing about celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble.  She has done the tresses of super celebs in the entertainment business, like Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Monica, Brandy and more.  KK & MJB

This super hair diva has made a name for her-self on and off the screen in the entertainment business.  With Ms. Kimble’s hit television show L.A. Hair, she has shown the world how busy she is running from photo shoots to video shoots and even fashion shows.  It is never a dull moment on the reality show of a busy celebrity hair stylist.  It is great to see this woman as a successful business owner, entrepreneur and hair stylist.  It is also great to see a woman of her hue in the United States being able to be herself in front of the camera without her being portrayed as an ignoramus. Although the show only shows a part of Ms. Kimble’s life, it also shows the other stylist in her salon styling some of his or her own celebrity clients.                                                                                                    

Ms. Kimble is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to hair, this woman knows her stuff.  She attended Vidal Sassoon and Dudley Cosmetology University where she received training, which set the foundation for the stylist she has become today.  Ms. Kimble’s exciting lifestyle with celebrity clients began years ago, when she got a chance to style hair for the movie “BAPS,” and from there the opportunities were endless.  Kim Kimble is successful because of her determination and hard work, which is easy to see from the outside looking in on her work.  Ms. Kimble also has a line of products and hair extensions that are being advertised through her reality show and through her clients.  There are great celebrity hair stylists, but a person has to be on point, and really do a good job to maintain her roster of clientele.  I am honored to write this blog about such a mogul of hair.
Monique Lynelle Gray