Thursday, January 30, 2014

Business Storytelling Inspiration

I chose the Kid President’s video called Pep Talk that was chosen as one of of the web videos, because it inspires me to hear other people encourage people that they do not even know or people that they do know.  Having the tools to achieve one’s goals are great, but getting encouragement to achieve those goals are rare and sometimes few and far between.  The young man in the video did not claim to know everything about everything, but he did realize that all of us are alive that are watching the video and we should do something with our lives.  No matter what a person is chooses to do with their lives, it starts with a thought, with a moment, with a spark of some kind that gets them motivated enough to go after the goals they have set for his or herself. 

In today’s busy world, so many people choose to do the wrong things, but it is still a choice.  I like this video and its message because it is saying, do something; but I want to take it a step further; I am inspired to be great and do great things with my life and I want others to do great things with their lives.  Everyone is not the same and is not supposed to be the same, but if we make good choices for one day, we can make better choices for another day.  I want to be the first domino to fall to affect positive change and helps other domino's reach others where they are.  I think TED made a great point when talking about videos and how they reach so many people at once and all over the globe.  We the people, can be influencers, we can get attention for the great things we have to offer the world, right now, from where we are.

When it comes to business storytelling, every business should have a story behind its brand.  Overcoming adversity, a book, a product or a song that helps people understand where a company or personal brand has derived from and where it is going in the future.  The Kid President inspired me to do my part in encouraging others, and to tell more of my story through my songs, books and my future projects, in plays or in movies.  I have overcome a lot, but I have not had a lot of encouragement along the way; however my hard times have not defined my future, rather, they have given me something to look forward to.  When one is down, there is no place to go but up.  This video was confirmation for me that it is better to do something, than to sit and do nothing. I choose to pass on this message and pay it forward.