Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Music Moving to the Stage

Look where music is headed.  One of Atlanta’s most successful singer/songwriters in the music business has found her way to producing plays.  “A Mother’s Love” is Kandi Burruss’s first stage play.  Here is a link to check out some of the celebs that showed up to the premiere of the play.  Celebs at "A Mother's Love Play" She might not know, but she is one of my silent mentors, because I am interested in the very same thing, plays/musicals and singing/songwriting.  It is fantastic to see Kandi continue to evolve in this ever-changing music business.  There are other great playwrights and lots of them have been males, but it always good to see women making moves in the right directions.  Others out there that love music and are singer/songwriters might want to audition for a play like this in the future.  It is a great way to get your name out there and a great way to use your gift.  Music is still alive, but people have to be creative with how they present it now, if they want to make money in the music industry.  Here is more information about Kandi’s play/musical.  Kandi's Play

After Kandi was a success as a singer/songwriter in the group Xscape, and then moving on to do great things even while enduring hardships in front of the world; she is an inspiration to many aspiring producers, singer/songwriters and business women.  As a songwriter Kandi has worked with some of the best in the business and made them hit songs.  Music is a great thing, but things have changed, but looking at Kandi, she has not missed a beat.  Even if people do not agree with some of her entrepreneurial endeavors, they must admit this young woman is making success look easy during a challenged economy.  The world is watching and I can’t wait to see what Ms. Kandi will do next.  
Her career is really a testament for what hard work and support can do for someone.  I hope the people in her life start appreciating her talents, and I personally would love to work with her in the future, if she’s not too busy of course.  Keep up the good work Kandi.  kandionline

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Advice for Independent Artist

This blog is for independent artist and anyone interested in finding new talent or getting some exposure in the entertainment business.  In this world today, independent artist have to think fast and be determined to make good music; be patient, but wise about their decisions.  It is not easy to get all the exposure or attention you might think you deserve just because you can sing or because you recorded some music.  However, it is not impossible to be a great artist and represent yourself well and have fun doing what you love to do.  Be encouraged, I’m on your side.  Be open to new opportunities and keep your eyes open for those opportunities.  Rome was not built in a day so neither will your career.  Hard work and great effort can take lots of people further than they expected.

As an independent artist, you are going to have to deal with other people in the entertainment industry.  It might seem difficult to get your foot in the door or get the heavy hitters to pay attention to you.  Well here is a link to an article with nine pieces of advice about “Facing the Music Industry as an Independent Artist” Music think tank article The subjects of the nine words of advice are “1. Do not cold call, 2. See things their way, 3. Make them come to you, 4. Come on easy, 5. Be confident, 6. Learn how to truly network, 7. Be patient, 8. Proofread your email, 9. Never burn bridges.”   

There is so much music and videos to watch and listen to these days, but there are ways to stay relevant while you are working on new music.  This article might help with some advice on how to stay relevant as an independent artist.  “How Does An Independent Artist Stay Relevant While Creating New Music.”

I hope these articles encourage you to continue making music and I hope they give you some insight into the music industry as an independent artist.
Monique Lynelle

Sunday, November 3, 2013

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Hello everyone,
I am Monique Lynelle Gray and this blog is going to be about Independent Artist, Singer/Songwriter's and industry information about performances, online radio opportunities, new songs and artist that should get recognized in the entertainment industry.  To find out more information about me, please visit the about me page of this blog, which is, and you can visit my website for information on my music, books, etc. at  Thank you for your time and stay tuned for more info in the future.  Have a great week.